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Earth Medicine Retreats

About the Retreat


Earth Medicine Retreats, located on Ayavalla Land Company in Tallahassee, FL, seeks to provide safe space in rural, under-developed nature for deep presence, empowerment, and self-healing. 


Earth Medicine Retreats, led by Conscious Lifestyle Coach, Raileigh Duschen, offers organized daily wellness programming including mindfulness exercises and workshops, guided yoga and meditation, guided hiking, and camping opportunities. Sustainably practiced and harvested produce from on-site and local farms will be served throughout the day. 


Ayavalla is home to thousands of acres of the Tallahassee Red Hills Region, located North of Lake Jackson. Old oaks draped in Spanish moss, fruit and nut orchards, horse pastures, food forests, market gardens, and abundant wildlife are some of the wondrous spectacles to behold on a typical visit to Ayavalla. Earth Medicine Retreats considers Ayavalla a romantic escape back home to the self:  simplicity, serenity, and abundant beauty in the surroundings and immersement of nature will inspire any visitor to look within and perceive that same wild beauty within themselves. Earth Medicine Retreats invites you to a unique opportunity for deep healing, empowerment, and transformation.


Sample Retreat Programming


9:00 AM: Arrive, tea and mingle

9:30 AM: Breakfast served

10:00 AM: Welcome Fire Ceremony

11:00 AM Meditative Hike

12:00 PM Break 

12:30 PM Lunch Served

1:30 PM: Healing Sound Journey 

3:00 PM: Closing Fire Ceremony

5:00 PM Dinner for overnight camping guests

Our Mission


Earth Medicine Retreats is an intentionally inclusive mission to serve our community during a global health crisis by offering authentic, accessible, and safe space in rural nature for all humans identifying of any age, religion, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, and social status to heal the mind, body, and spirit in a peaceful and natural environment. Discriminatory, aggressive, prejudice, and inappropriate comments or behaviors will not be tolerated. Violators will be prompted for immediate removal without refund.

Upcoming Retreats...

Saturday, March 20th, 2021




Nada Migration Sound Healing Journey by Linda McCue. 

Explore your inner dreamscape, and connect with the cosmos with Chanting, Meditation and *Nada.  Lay back and relax, drift and float to the magical healing sounds of the sacred gong, tibetan bowls, flutes, drums and more as they take you on an enchanting vibrational journey to where ever your soul wishes to go!  Trust that this process will fill your heart and soul with love, peace and joy again.  Open your heart, and mind to allow the *Nada to bring perfect harmonious healing and nurturing rest to your body in a way that will balance your chakras, align your meridians and open your energy channels.  Remember who you are and expand as you step fully into your path for this life time! 

Linda McCue, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, Indigenous Musician (of 'Metamorphosis' and 'Donna and The Gong Sistahs'), and CEO of Abundance Wellness Center.

*Naad is the essence of all sound, it is a particular vibration,  a fundamental frequency that comes from one one common source or sound current. Nada is an ancient Indian metaphysical system, it is a philosophical, medicinal form of yoga.

*Migration means a number or body of persons migrating together. Chemistry. A movement or change of position of atoms within a molecule. Physics. Diffusion. Shift.


Drumming workshop by Mershell Sherman. Mershell has practiced and played djembe drums for nearly 30 years and facilitating drum circles for about 11.   

 Djembe drums will be provided or you are welcome to bring their own.  The workshop will focus on building coordination, hand technique and rhythms, and we will play together.  The program is geared towards beginners and those whom have never played before. No pressure drumming!! This is a learning opportunity for folks to jam and express themselves through drumming.  Group drumming benefits mind, body and spirit and is just plain fun!!

To sign up for a retreat or to learn more, email us.

Family, organization, and company retreats may be booked in advance!

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