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Raileigh Duschen,

Conscious Lifestyle Coach


Services and Offerings

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Academic Background and Certifications


In May 2019, Raileigh Duschen graduated from Florida State University with her Bachelor's of Science in Family and Child Sciences, with a minor in psychology. Her studies focused on the physical, emotional, social, and psychological development of the human from birth to end of life, and how the dynamics of family systems develop and adapt over the course of life’s triumphs and challenges. Raileigh is presently Adult and Pediatric First Aid, AED, and CPR certified with the American Red Cross. She is also certified with the Crisis Prevention Institute and Leave No Trace. She is presently  training to become a Certified Yoga Instructor with the Santosha Yoga Institute.  


The Journey


Following her graduation and an aggressive academic career pursuing western medicine, Raileigh committed herself to personal development, healing, and growth--leaving Florida and everything behind and moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains to intern as an organic farmer and pursue self studies in holistic and alternative healing modalities. While on the farm, Raileigh was intoduced to a grounded, authentic, and healthier way of life--free of the consumption of chemicals and toxins within the modern diet and lifestyle. For the first time, she eat food never having been genetically altered, fresh from the Earth, and cultivated with loving hands that included her own. For the first time, she drank the freshest water she ever tasted from deep within the mountains. She met families and individuals living so connected to the Earth, and deeply to themselves, as they lived life more sustainably, simply, and organically.

In October 2019, after an extensive hiring process, Raileigh became a Wilderness Field Instructor with the reputable Wilderness Therapy Program, Trails Carolina. At Trails, Raileigh was trained extensively in camping and backcountry expedition survival skills, self awareness and emotional regulation, mindfulness and positive coping strategies, and nonviolent and therapeutic intervention and communication in the de-escalation, prevention, and regulation of verbal and physical aggression. 

As a lead instructor, Raileigh was responsible for creating a safe and therapeutic environment in the primitive outdoor settings of backpacking expeditions for, at most, 13 children or teenagers with troubled backgrounds such as sexual trauma, imprisonment, drug addiction, and mental and intellectual challenges. Raileigh left her time with Trails Carolina with high regard and respect for her service by students, co-staff, mentors, and supervisors. Direct, intuitive, observant, compassionate, supportive, inspirational, disciplined, reliable, empowered, resilient, adaptable, and dedicated are some of qualities noted for her by her colleagues and peers.




Immersion into the therapeutic wilderness industry, agricultural sustainability, and passion for outdoor adventure, inspired a connection with nature as a mindful tool for self-development, healing, transformation, and actualization in ways that are non-conventional, accessible, and authentic. Raileigh has since returned to Florida to share her healing journey: from the Appalachian mountains, and back to her Tallahassee community in the Red Hills to help inspire and guide others also on the healing path. She now enjoys a balanced life as an organic farmer, motivational writer, wilderness guide, and mindfulness coach. 

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