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Terry Abell

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Terry-16 (1).jpg

About Terry:

"I've had over 20 years of experience in the field, working with many issues including a variety of sexual issues, abuse, crisis intervention, anxiety, depression and anger. I work with both youth and adults.

I ask that anyone wishing to see me first make a consultation appointment (at no cost) to find out if you think I am a good fit for what you are hoping to get out of therapy. If not, I will be happy to give you referrals. I always look forward to meeting potential clients.

I have a client-centered approach and besides traditional therapy I incorporate art, music, mindfulness activities as well as Animal-Assisted Therapy (if client is comfortable with my poodle). I want to find out what works best for each client

I also provide Mental Health Intern supervision for registered interns. I have years of experience supervising both graduate students and post-graduation registered interns".

You may contact Terry at (850)-792-5609 or by email at To view further information regarding Terry's services visit her website at

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