Leah Wrobel

Certified Yoga Instructor

About Leah:

The seed of yoga was planted in me when I was 15 years old. During the height of my adolescence when I was training to fulfill my ambition to become a professional dancer, drinking 10 cups of coffee a day, riding the rollercoaster of emotional and physical change, I was biting my nails nervously in class one day when my (still) very close friend looked over and remarked - “You should really do some yoga!”. Even though I knew nothing about yoga at the time, that remark stuck with me and I knew from within that she was absolutely right.

​After majoring in dance in high school, I studied to become a professional dancer in Israel, New York, and the Netherlands and toured with dance companies to places like Africa, China, India and Taiwan. In 2001, I started taking countless yoga classes in various styles, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Kripalu yoga, which I was certified to teach in 2003. However the yoga I was searching for, the balanced combination of mindful attention, intention and heart, I found only when I met my teacher Noga Barkai, in Jerusalem. Being introduced to Vijnana yoga was a meaningful moment in my practice. Devoted to being on the mat, I have been teaching ever since; through many moves, cultural adjustments, two pregnancies, and two degrees. In 2005 I completed one year of advanced teacher training with Orit Sen-Gupta, founder of Vijnana yoga, and in 2008 I got certified in prenatal yoga. Finally, in the summer of 2018 I received my 800 hour Vijnana teacher certification from Orit Sen-Gupta, with much joy. 

To contact Leah about her services and classes, reach her by phone (850)-980-6338 or by email wrobelleah@gmail.com. For further information, check out her website at http://leahwrobel.weebly.com 

Vijnana Yoga Class

Mondays & Thursdays 9:30 am - 11 am

​These classes are 1.5 hour long and include quiet sitting, pranayama, asana and relaxation. I draw from various styles with a focus on Vijnana yoga where the practitioner seeks to find alignment and understand the body and movement from within. In this form of practice, we emphasize both flow and precision.

Student Testimonials:

"We were so fortunate to have Leah as our beloved teacher...I can only hope that many others will benefit from her graceful presence and her deep knowledge and understanding of the body, yoga and dance. Leah was able to bring out the best in each of us. Leah's immense experience and mastery of her craft are immediately evident in the ease with which she communicates insight with humility and integrity. Leah's approach succeeds in orienting her students to the magic of the practice – spontaneous, joyful and grounded in the inherent intelligence of the body. We are forever grateful for the time we had her
​as our teacher." 

- Sarah Scheller

"Studying under Leah, I have learned that a yoga practice is really not about athleticism, but it is about knowing how to engage your body to develop both strength and balance.  It is about allowing a pose to develop from inside you using alignment, weight distribution, and breath.  And it is about being at peace with your body even when the full realization of a pose is never achieved."  

- Meg Haisten

"Leah is an excellent teacher, she totally tunes into each student individually, and creates an atmosphere for an enjoyable experience!"

- Linda Mccue

Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health Class

Mondays 11:15 am - 12:30 pm

Tuesdays 7 pm - 8:15 pm

Healthy pelvic floor muscles are required to support our inner organs by being strong and contractile, as well as being able to fully open, release and relax. Far too often women tend to either accept muscle weakness as a natural outcome of having given birth or aging, or, on the other end, far too often women tend to brace the pelvis, suffering from hypertension and pain. In these yoga classes, I take a holistic approach that addresses these issues in a gentle yet specific way that makes the class suitable to all women regardless of age and level of experience with yoga. Guided by such an encompassing approach the class focuses on alignment, strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness. Classes emphasize deep breathing to calm the nervous system and to better facilitate the relationship between the breath and pelvic health. Learning a range of muscle tone and understanding when to accentuate and when to let go allows the student to better understand their own patterns of use in daily function. We learn to understand the pelvic floor both in isolation as well as an inseparable part of the whole. In addition to the yoga practice that includes postures to strengthen the supporting muscles, movement, sound, breathing techniques and stretching, I draw from a wide range of methods. These include core work inspired by the Pilates methodology, visualization, mindfulness and body scan meditations. ​

Student Testimonials:

​"I recently took the yoga class lead by Leah Wrobel concentrating on pelvic floor relaxation.  Leah has an expert and unique way of helping you visualize the pelvic floor itself and release and relax it!  I have found that learning how to relax and stretch my pelvic floor is instrumental in my recovery from pelvic floor dysfunction and chronic pain.  Leah has a soft voice and a tender touch when needed.  She is very attentive and caring to each yoga participant to make sure each participant is getting what they need out of the class.  She is just wonderful!I highly recommend this class!"

- Kim Madden

 "Being a Pilates instructor and Performer, I have a had a wealth of pelvic floor education, however due to a serious back injury, I was left with loss of sensation and episodic back/pelvic spasms. I was able to put together an individual curriculum in which I maintained a way to navigate my previous injury. It wasn't until I took Leah's Pelvic Floor classes that I immediately began to feel a healthy and positive sensation in an otherwise completely dormant area. After just two classes, I found a confidence in movement again and a happiness around an otherwise painful area that I simply could not access. Leah's classes have not only helped my personal life, as a performer and lover of fitness, but have also sparked an exciting new way to research this material as an educator! Leah is able to build a community that feels like family and that you will return to again and again."

- Loren Davidson

"She's an amazing person and an even more amazing instructor. She creates a comfy and non-judgmental aura in her classes. I look forward to her weekly class every week!"

- Emily Kaye

"Leah's very respectful and gentle approach to teaching me how to create a deeper awareness and appreciation of my pelvic floor has been such a gift..."

- Linda McCue