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Marghi McClearn

Nia Instructor



September 1st 5:45pm - 7:15pm

October 6th 5:45pm - 7:15pm

November 3rd 5:45pm - 7:15pm

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After 31 years of teaching music in the Elementary Schools, Marghi retired to pursue her passion for
improving quality of life through music and movement.


Throughout her teaching years she studied many methods and modalities that support teaching
and learning with a common thread of creativity, music, movement, and brain function. 
Marghi is a Blue Belt Certified Nia Technique® teacher, as well as an Ageless Grace® Brain Body
Fitness Trainer and Educator.

Marghi recently completed a Nia Technique® specialty training called FreeDance.

Nia FreeDance® is the ultimate conscious dance experience that celebrates and brings people closer to
the source of their authentic dance, where body, emotions, mind and spirit unite to unlock creativity, and
stimulate a sensation of aliveness and freedom. 


Each FreeDance session is carefully crafted to allow access to all four realms of our being. Our Body,
Emotions, Mind & Spirit. 


Her own healing journey from childhood conditioning, prompted Marghi to create a series of
Playshops and Retreats under the name of “Magical Child”. These sessions are dedicated to the
feelings, dreams and fantasies of our inner child. Whether we are five or one hundred and five, we
all have a “Magical Child Within” that desires to be nurtured.


Marghi is passionate about assisting others in living joyfully, magically and comfortably in their own

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