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Joy Moore

Certified Yoga Instructor

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Joy's Hatha Yoga Class:

Mondays, 5:45pm - 7:15pm

Joy’s Hatha Yoga class focuses on relaxation and stress reduction through asanas (body movement) coordinated with pranayama (breath work) and guided meditation.  This class is great for beginning yoga students or good for a continuing yoga student who wants to deepen their practice.  The class is ongoing so you can join at any time. Joy’s many years of teaching experience help her create the perfect environment for revitalizing your energy both physically and mentally.

Joy is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. She received her 500 hour certification training through Half Moon Yoga Studio owned by Catherine Deans. In 1999 Joy received her original certification from the Yoga Unlimited Studio operated by Leslie Hanks.

You can contact Joy at 850-508-4546 or (put yoga class in the subject line) to learn more about her class or ask questions.


“Joy maintains a comfortable environment for yoga class, and I leave class feeling relaxed and


“Joy’s class is the perfect ending to the day. The poses she leads us through are just what I need to
maintain flexibility.”


“My experience with Joy’s class has been good. She knows what she is doing and the class is hard but not too hard. It is a good beginner class or an intermediate class. She explains things very well.”


“I have enjoyed participating in Joy’s yoga class for more than ten years. Having once experienced
chronic severe tension headaches, I have benefited tremendously from the stress relief. I attribute this to Joy’s approach as a yoga instructor. She effectively balances gentle targeted guidance in the physical routine with a meditative closure that leaves you relaxed, at peace and more self-aware; a gift for both body and spirit.”

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