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Ashley Pickard
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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I specialize in working with individuals who are looking to do deep inner work. The kind of work that takes time to unearth and courage to approach. Many of the individuals whom I have had the privilege to walk with on their healing journey were facing things like depression, anxiety, life transitions, chronic pain, parenting difficulties and trauma. I am trained in EMDR and tend to use this with most clients.


My intent is to provide a safe and non-threatening space to explore difficult histories. To process stories we carry with us and to teach you how to let go of the painful feelings that have followed you throughout your life. My approach to therapy is a somatic based one. This means I view the mind and body as connected. I help my clients to connect to their bodies and listen to what it is trying to call their attention to, as well to help clients release histories, feelings and energies stored in the body which might be causing us both psychological and physical pain.

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