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Anjali Austin

Certified Master Trainer

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About Anjali:

Ms. Austin has 30 years of training and experience in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.  She has worked with many of the legendary GYROTONIC® teachers including Hilary Cartwright, Juergen Bamberger, Leda Franklin and Rita Renha.  As Anjali set her sights on teaching the system she began training with Gyrotonic creator and founder Juliu Horvath.  Ms. Austin taught in the New York City studios and in 2002 achieved Gyrotonic Master Trainer status.  She continues to train in and remain updated in the system and is currently a Specialized Master Trainer in GYROTONIC® Levels One and Two, GYROKINESIS®, GYROTONER®, and the Leg Extension Unit.


Anjali is the only Specialized Master Trainer based in north Florida and conducts trainings throughout the state, the United States, and abroad.  Based in Tallahassee, markets she frequents include Sarasota, Jacksonville, Naples and Orlando, FL; as well as Atlanta, GA, and New Orleans, LA.  Internationally Ms. Austin has held courses in Bermuda, Italy and Japan.


As a member of the dance faculty in the School of Dance at Florida State University Ms. Austin introduced Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methodology to students and faculty, and received administrative support for the purchase of two Pulley Tower machines.  Dance majors have the opportunity to train in these systems and receive academic credit.  


GYROTONIC, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM, GYROKINESIS, GYROTONER, and Cobra are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

History of GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS ® Methodologies

Juliu Horvath’s personal struggle with chronic pain and injuries led to the development of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. GYROKINESIS® movement principles are a main component of this methodology. It incorporates many key principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics and tai-chi. The fundamentals of GYROTONIC® movement consist of a totally new exercise system, using GYROKINESIS® principles as the basis to exercise the musculature while mobilizing and articulating the joints.


The uniqueness of the System is that it simultaneously stretches and strengthens the body with minimal effort, while increasing range of motion and developing coordination. This methodology systematically and gently works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises. Movement stimulates the body’s internal organs and different corresponding breathing patterns are integrated.


Fluidity is the key. Postures are not held for long periods of time. Instead, postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath, making exercises appear and feel more like a dance than traditional yoga.


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Contact Anjali Austin at (850)-566-6875, or by email at Visit her website for further information on services:

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